Let it snow. For me.

[Sia – Sunday]

For those in need
For those who speed
For those who try to slow their minds with weed

For those who wake
With a blind headache
Who must be still
Who will sit and wait
For sunday, to be monday

Yeah, it will be ok
Do nothing today
Give yourself a break
Let your imagination run away…


All I need

octombrie 19, 2008

octombrie 19, 2008

[And the night is black. And I can still hear the music in my head. I’m still out there hitting walls with your image on.]

„You’ll go n I’ll be okay,
I can dream the rest away
Its just a little touch of fate, it will be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves
You couldn’t be alone, the time I feel like I am walking blind
I have no where I’ll have time”

Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams

Wish I…

Wish I could say…

If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more
I would still have you, baby
If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war
I’ll be fighting with you, baby
Cuz I know if I’m falling, you won’t let me hit the ground
If the boat is sinking, I know you won’t let me drown

No matter what anyone could say
This is the only place for me
And no one could ever take that away
Nothing could come between us…

octombrie 04, 2008

WIsh I could say „Sorry but I gotta be strong and leave you behind”.

Do you know where your heart is?

„Do you know where your heart is?
Do you think you can find it?
Or did you trade it for something
Somewhere better just to have it?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing’s turned out how you wanted

Well, bless my soul
You’re a lonely soul
Cause you won’t let go
Of anything you hold

Well, all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head


Whenever the end is
Do you think you can see it?
Well, until you get there
Go on, go ahead and scream it
Just say it”

septembrie 18, 2008

„Daca citesti aceasta scrisoare,inseamna ca m-am dus,
Inseamna ca am vazut ultimul apus de soare…


Ar fi bine daca n-am crede in nimic…
Dar de fapt avem prea multe credinte,
Nu-ti face griji pe care s-o alegi
Caci nu faci decat sa te legi la ochi si sa mergi inainte
Dozeaza-ti esenta in cuvinte, cedeaza-ti orgoliul
Si nu-i purta trecutului doliu, dar nu uita
Nici de ochi pentru dinte, caci in lumea ta
Zambetele sunt flinte…Provocarilor nu le-ntoarce spatele
Nu-ti face griji daca ai ganduri rele
Important sunt faptele, nu-ti mai omori emotiile…
Maine vei avea altele, renunta sa mai pui inimii lacate
Cu pacatele impaca-te, si daca
Nu stii de ce esti in stare, incearca-te..”

evostyle7 (3 months ago) Show Hide

celuia ce nu`i trece un fior rece prin corp cand asculta melodia asta inseamna ca nu e om,ori ca nu stie ce e aia suferinta!”

„Timpul e ucigasul perfect,
Omoara tot, omoara toate sentimentele care ne-au zdruncinat vreodata,
Omoara ura, omoara iubirea.
Nimic nu mai ramane…
De parca nu ne mai vrea Universul.
Timpul imi sterge amintirea, imi sterge simtul, imi sterge versul,
Imi schimba chipul, vietii fura sensul, risipeste stresul
Se ia de noi toti
Si-n urma lui nu mai raman nici chei, nici porti
Iar tu te porti de parc-o sa fii mereu aici.
Te-asezi atunci cand ar trebui sa te ridici,
Taci atunci cand ar trebui sa zici
Si-ataci… oameni care te iubesc crezand ca vor sa te faca sa zaci.
E-un joc nebunesc in care ca si ceilalti te prefaci ca e totul OK
Si-alaturi de ei distrugi lucrurile care ne unesc… „

And again. [The Dreamer.]

– I was just sitting there…laying on the floor. Thinking. Or maybe just staring at the ceiling. And then it just went through my mind. God… am I the only one thinking this is too bad? Do all things really have to be this way? Yeah, I know… people die. That’s the biggest pain in the whole Universe. Every single moment. All around the world. It just has to be like this.

– Ahem…

– But… do we really have to feel it? I mean…aren’t there too many things we’re feelling yet?!

– Hmm…- Is that all, you fussy little man?

– And if someone has to die each moment… Their heart stops. That means their pain is gone. But so are their feellings.That means we should all have been dead many times before.I’m sorry. I’m a real chatterbox sometimes.

– Yeah, you are. [smiling] So…That’s a wrong thing to say. There’s always something to feel.

– But…

– No „buts”. There’s always something there inside you. It doesn’t matter if it’s love or hate or happiness. Sadness, love, anger, rage, sympathy, vanity, envy, selfishness… and much more.

– How come they’re mostly bag things?!

– You’d be amazed. Sitting here all day long has made me realise humans are cruel most of the time.

– Then just do something about it! You said it! You just sit here and watch. Aren’t you supposed to react? Get mad? Or at least be proud of it.

– Why should I?

– Because you’re the only that can!

– I’m also the first one to teach them all those. Otherwise… How else could they appreciate all the good, and gentle sweet thoughts and feellings they could have?

– You’re… right…again.

– I was right all the time.

– I guess I should be going.

– Actually… You might as well stay here with me and watch. Too late to learn. But it’s a better way to spend all that free time you’ll have.

– By the way… What time is luch today?

– Anytime you’re hungry. It’s not like we could know what time it is.


You want to see me reaching hell.

You want to see me touching heaven’s clouds.

But somehow you don’t want me to see you.

And you will probably never let me see what form will the images in your head convert into.

I’ll always leave you that tiny little hole to look through.

In case you really want to see what’s wrong with me.

That doesn’t seem you’ll always see the purpose of my smile.

‘Cause „smile” isn’t the right word for happiness.

I have never seen a battle field.

Although I’ve been in a war with myself many times before.

I’m not easy to be pleased.

That doesn’t mean I’ve got huge expectations.

And I hate bad surprises.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to be surprised in a good way.

I don’t need being impressed by greatness.

It’s always the little things that matter.

And still… I sometimes hope for fairy tales to come true.

‘Cause hope brings vision and vision brings ambitions.

Concluding in a childish way that there’s a chance for „Dreams come true”.

Anyway, if you see me smile, smile back. It might make me really happy.

And if I’m sad and down in the dumps just remember me it’s easier to cry out.

Much more easier than griping rage.

So what if sun always comes after rain?

I sometimes like the feelling of the rain on my skin.

Being afraid of tunders doesn’t mean water will melt me.

And I always like to think there’s a treasure at the end of each rainbow.

‘Cause I wish there’s a good thing in everything.

‘Cause I don’t wish to reach failure.

Sometimes I just need to sing along…

Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost…

Doesn’t mean I’ll stop…

Doesn’t mean I’m across

Doesn’t mean I’ll be gone forever.

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